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The future belongs to those who take charge of their own learning– Be it a corporate or an individual, formal college acquired skills are not enough to keep you abreast of the ever change fortunes in all sectors- Solomon Kaminda, Corporate Response Officer, Kenvision Techniks Ltd

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Kenvision Techniks Ltd operates in two dimensions.

1. Systems Management

  1. Physical Security Management
    1. CCTV Surveillance Installation and Management
    2. Access Control Installation and Management
    3. Intruder Alarm Installation and Management
    4. Electric Fence Installation
    5. Fleet Management- Vehicle Tracking Systems Installation
  2. IT Security Management
    1. Penetration Testing
    2. Enterprise IT Infrastructure Protection
  3. Enterprise Content Management –
  1. Electronic Records Management
  2. Document Control
  3. Digitization Programs

2. Capacity Building

  1. Training New Entrants  and those already in the Electronic Security Management field in the following areas
    1. CCTV Installation, Streaming and Management – Both analogue and digital (IP Surveillance)
    2. C.E.H Training
    3. AutoCad & GIS Training
  2. Management Skills Training in the following areas
    1. Team Building
    2. Organizational Skills
      1. Administrative Skills
      2. HR Management
      3. Project Management
      4. Strategic Management
      5. Training Development
      6. Presentation Skills
    3. Business Skills Management
      1. Supply Chain Management
      2. Stores & Inventory Management
      3. Purchasing and Logistics Management
    4. Information Management Skills
      1. Electronic Records Management
      2. Legal Records Management
      3. Document Control Management
      4. Implementing Document Digitization Program

Obtain a Certificate you can pride yourself with as you seek those prime installation jobs:

Kenvision Techniks Courses have now gone online!

If you are a busy person, or reside in distant locations, now toy have an option. You do not have to pay your way to attend courses physically in our venues.
Some of the modules now available include:
1. Human Resource Management

2. Electronic Records Management

3. Certificate in Legal Records Management

SAM_3312– See more at: https://kenvisiontechniks.com/about-us/


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