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Who moved my files? Digital invasion on Records

Who moved my files? This geezer had worked for this organisation since he was 19 and now he had two years to go before calling worklife a day. Over the years he had seen the company rise and fall and rise again. No matter what happened, his position was cemented in the organisation. He was guaranteed a next life whenever the organisation went to its knees. He felt indispensable. Why? When Jacob joined this organisation he did not have any knowledge of record keeping. He learnt, just like a majority of clerical officers in Kenya on-the-job ( a better way of saying […]

Records & Information Audit: Setting the Stage

It is necessary to put in the right mechanisms to bring to fruition a RIM Audit in an organisation. Some of the steps one has to go through are: (I)  Defining the Stakeholders and Drivers Like people, every organization is unique. Each has its own personality, objectives, stakeholders, drivers, and performance measures. The audit team must identify and understand each of these elements in order to shape the audit to meet the organization’s unique needs. A significant step in the audit is to identify the stakeholders involved in and affected by the RIM program and those stakeholders’ drivers. Recognizing the stakeholders […]