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CCTV System Operator & Control Room Management

CCTV system operators are the link between the system technology and its effective use. An operator’s performance will largely determine the level of service provided by the system. The operators of public area CCTV systems are fast becoming integral players in town centre management, for crime prevention, incident scene management and in investigation teams.

Electronic Records/ Information Management-1- Certificate Training

Join us to unpack the seven keys to effective digital information and records management in today’s dynamic and challenging environment:
The movement toward electronic records offers unprecedented opportunities to improve business efficiency via cheaper storage, faster information retrieval and automation of records management workflows such as retention and disposition. But with new opportunities come new challenges, as the technical and business reality of electronic records and systems meets records management requirements that existed well before terms like “electronic records” and “digitization” became commonplace in business.

D – Direction and policy
I – Information for business needs
G – Governance and risk
I – Implementation
T – Tools and systems
A – Accountability
L – Leadership

Generator Repair & Emergency Power maintenance training

1: introduces the basics of generators and prime movers including different types, electrical fundamentals, and typical systems.

2 Protection and Transfer of Electrical Power

3 Generator and Engine Controls

Diesel Generator servceman at work
Servicing a diesel generator

4 Auxiliary Systems I

5 Auxiliary Systems II

6 Generator Applications

7 Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Onsite Power Generation Systems

8 Generator Placement Site Surveys

9 AC Output and Control (Generator)

10 DC Output and Control (Diesel Engine)