About us


Kenvision Techniks Ltd is a registered Company incorporated in June, 2007 under Reg.No C: 140996 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenvision Techniks business is that of consultancy and to that end, it has collaborated with business partners and customers in establishing a favorable environment for business efficiency through Knowledge Management as the most critical resource in the running of all businesses. Kenvision has partnered with other solution providers in Kenya, Europe, Canada, China and United States to bring on board tested and proven Business Management techniques.
Our goal is to help professionals and organizations work more intelligently by delivering reliable information and techniques that can be used to benchmark, instigate, develop and improve fundamental business processes and procedures.


Our solutions can help your business to grow, while securely leveraging the benefits of technologies existing in a number of platforms. This provides you with the agility that you need to respond quickly to market and competitive events.

Security Solutions for Today’s World


Kenvision Techninks’ security solutions provide one of the broadest and most comprehensive Access control systems in the industry be it in IT or physical access. Our solutions are also highly integrated to simplify and reduce the total cost of security management.

Kenvision Techniks aims to help organisations and individuals grow their business and increase customer loyalty by enabling them to:

  • Deliver secure new business services more quickly and easily, across all users
  • Enable secure collaboration among employees of your business as well as with partners
  • Enable our clients to establish ways of gaining access to the information they need to help grow their business
  • Reduce the risk of insider threats, and from external attacks by employing physical and logical security


Kenvision Techniks Training Solutions exposes organization staff to the insights in a number of areas. Having an established institute within our organisation has enabled us to provide top notch courses that address several industry challenges. What more, our institute has highly qualified staffed with competent trainers in the following Training Categories.