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Kenvision Techniks MONTHLY CCTV Installation Courses

Welcome to our MONTHLY CCTV Installation Courses and learn the following: 1. IP Cameras Surveillance Design techniques using customized auto-cad application, lens calculators, measuring PPM, handling resolutions, understanding aspect ratios, lighting, configuring IP cameras to according to streaming standards such ONViF, PSIA etc… 2. Networking Skills. – Ever wanted how to know how to create a simple working network of […]


HERE ARE SOME KNOWLEDGE TO BE EQUIPPED WITH:  The size and type will depend on many factors: Namely: – The Size of Your Home: The more area, the more cameras needed. You’ll also need higher quality with better resolution and field of vision for larger areas. – Security Needs: Ranging from a couple cameras to monitor your children to 360-degree […]

Testing LPR Cameras

Capturing license plates is a common video surveillance application. But what cameras do integrators mostly commonly used? Special purpose LPC cameras or regular cameras? And would it be from the biggest camera manufacturers or from specialists? While a number of dedicated, special purpose cameras exist in the market, overwhelmingly integrators say they are using conventional, ‘regular’ IP cameras for license […]

Installing A CCTV System? What you need to consider

We have come to a stage in life where personal safety and security for our property is threatened by so many factors. Fortunately, there are a number security devices that we can deploy to mitigate the situation. In fact the gadgets are so many and come with different capabilities and qualities. This is were the average person gets mixed up […]

Where is the Tipping Point for IP Video?

Where is the tipping point for IP Video? Like enterprise telephony, the security industry is converging. Convergence has already impacted how products are built (analog cameras to digital cameras), what companies provide products (Axxon software, Axis cameras, Cisco video servers), sales channels (Data Communication distributors Anixter, Graybar) and the buying process. IT & SECURITY Many organizations have given their IT […]

Cybersecurity in Kenya: Are we Ready?

Cyber security awareness remains low amongst the general public. This according to a report launched by Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya, TESPOK. TESPOK’s report indicates that most working personnel are ignorant of the risks that arise from unprotected information leading to vulnerability of business networks. According to the report, Kenya’s banking institutions and government departments are said to be most […]