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Premier Electric Fence Construction & Installation Skills Training


– Electric fencing components;
– Basic electronic and electrical theory;
– Basic electronic and electrical components and equipment;
– Earthing systems; – Over-voltage, electromagnetic interference, and ground potential;
– Metallurgy; – Communication systems;
– Electric fence circuits, monitoring systems, and electrical systems;-
– Installation configuration, quotation, work plans, and administration;
– Completing the Electric Fencing System Certificate of Compliance

FEE: USUAL FEE KES 18K DURATION 3 DAYS EXAMINATION: (Every trainee will have his /her day of installation, configuration, and testing practical exam). CERTIFICATION: Presented under the condition that the trainee passes the practical exam.

Emergency Power Generator Installation, Repair &  Maintenance

Join this training to learn how to fix the most common Generator Problems such as:
– Failure to Start / Rough Operation / Fuel Problems.
– Failure to Start / Oil Problems.
– Sputters and Stalls / Clogged Filters.
– Failure to Start / Sputters & Stalls / Fouled Spark Plugs.
– No Power / No Voltage / Loss of Residual Magnetism.