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Basic Auto Electrics, Electronics & Diagnostics Skills

Basic Auto Electrics, Electronics & Diagnostics Skills This course consists of THREE units namely: Unit 1: Introduction to Basic Electronics Unit 2: Scantool Diagnostics & CAN Bus Unit 3: Engine Component Diagnostics Each of the units costs 15K (USD 150) and takes 1 Week to complete. The full course takes 3 weeks and costs USD 450. It is advisable to take up all the units if one is novice (beginner). Those already with qualifications and skills may skip the basics upon being preliminary examined for their experience.   Venue: Kenvision Techniks Workshops, Kahawa Sukari Fee: USD 450 (full course) /or USD […]

Practical Electric Fencing Specialist- Training Course

Practical Electric Fencing Specialist- Training Course  Introduction Living in a region where insecurity is a challenge, most residential owner find it indispensable to have electric fence installed on their perimeter walls There are a few obvious advantages to electric fencing as a security barrier on your perimeter walls, as it acts as: A physical barrier, A psychological barrier, and An early warning system. The visual appearance thereof will be a definite deterrent to a potential intruder as it will cause a delay to enter your property and also when they want to exit again. Skills on how to install such a […]

Integrated Facility Security Systems Installation & Management Training

Event Phone: +254 725579251

  • April 30, 2018 - May 11, 2018
    09:00 - 16:00

INTEGRATED FACILITY SECURITY As we move into the sphere of IoT (Internet of Things), there is need to equip upcoming technicians with the right skills in installation, configuration and maintenance of security devices in an integrated environment. This is the essence of the INTEGRATED FACILITY SECURITY INSTALLATION TRAINING. Today, (more…)