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Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

Supervision is an extremely vital part of a workplace that intends to maximize its success potential. It naturally follows, then, that poor supervision in a workplace is among the primary obstacles to achieving potential successes by a business. After all, employees, no matter their task, must have the proper instruction and training to ensure that they are doing their jobs correctly, and with minimal risk of error or injury.
After the initial training has been completed, supervision remains necessary for continuing skill and knowledge development among employees. It is for this reason that many businesses today refer to their supervisors as coaches.

Human Resource Development & Management Skills

HR Managers have an obligation to understand the business of an organization in depth and establish direct contact with the teams who are closest to their customers in order to improve the solutions they provide and to gain credibility and internal influence.


The Executive Assistant or a Personal Assistant assists the management to take responsibility for the top executive’s office tasks and manage them effectively. Are you already in an Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, or Personal Secretary role but look forward to the next level of performance with improvised work techniques?

Advanced Supervisory Skills Certificate

Supervisors often report feeling “stuck in the middle”. This sandwich effect has a huge impact on productivity and morale. This course will help your supervisors find new and exciting challenges in their roles. Participants critique supervisory case studies and hypothetical issues from your industry.