Facilities & Property Management Specialist Training

Those who work in facilities management help the entire organization function by coordinating and developing the workplace to integrate people and their work. This can include new construction in a warehouse, better layout of an office, or ensuring safety regulations are met for the health of all employees.

Practical Electric Fencing Specialist Skills

Skills on how to install such a perimeter security enhancement are offered at our institute to give young persons an expanded skill base which can earn them more when called upon to carry out suchlike jobs.

Total Property Security Systems Installation & Management (Multi-Skills)- Easter OFFER

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN OUR SECURITY INSTALLATION COURSES AS A TRAINEE: 1. You don’t need any specific qualifications to start as a trainee, although employers may expect you to have KCSE (A-D-), or similar qualifications, in English, Math and at least one 2. Full Fee payment before joining any scheduled program/ course 3. Ability to attend and participate actively in all […]

5 Reasons for having CCTV in your Business or Home

CCTV system is critical for all businesses-  whether  it is a mega-business with more than 100 staff  or a local restaurant/ spare-parts store/ shop. It is one of the best ways to ensure commercial security for your business. It is not just a preserve of banks and major supermarkets Below are some of the reasons that should convince you to have […]