Business Continuity Plans and Your Organization

Is your organization future-oriented? Does your organization have its future well covered in the event of any disaster? Have you clearly defined the assets that need protection in your organization in the event of a disaster? Will your organization be able to rise up from the ashes? A Business Continuity Plan in simple terms can be referred to as a […]

Time to tame your Data/Records holding culture

SHOCKING FIGURES!! AND FIGURES DON’T LIE   E-RECORDS: A RUNAWAY CHAOS!!! WHAT IS YOUR ORGANIZATION DOING ABOUT IT? I BET…… NOTHING With ‪#‎Internet‬ ‪#‎connections‬ getting cheaper and ‪#‎APPETITE‬ for more ‪#‎data‬/ ‪#‎information‬ ever Getting insatiable, ‪#‎Businesses‬ are facing a BIG PROBLEM: their data isn’t growing, it’s ‪#‎EXPLODING‬—exponentially. In fact, 90% of all electronically stored information was created in the last […]