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IP Surveillance Design, Installation & Management Master Class

IP Surveillance Design, Installation & Management Master Class BASIC IP SURVEILLANCE SKILLS As IP surveillance is quickly becoming the most flexible and future-proof option for security and surveillance installations, it is important for users to understand common pitfalls, customization options and the advantages of a fully digital system. Our CCTV Design, Installation and Management training will immerse you into the critical CCTV project skills starting from the basics of some of the most popular technologies used in networking, CCTV Camera basics, configuration and management to the very highest considerations that a CCTV project manager should consider before embarking on an installation […]

Power Over Ethernet Benefits

We always lay bare facts about certain basic considerations when installing devices. One such area we like making a great observation is whether the device should be PoE or just plain when it comes to choosing Ethernet Ports. There obvious advantages for choosing PoE route though it might cost a little bit more For network designers and administrators, PoE simplifies the task of powering devices in remote locations. In one key example, PoE changes the entire cost structure for deployment of VOIP phones in an enterprise, where phones need to be placed in locations without dependency on AC outlets. The primary […]