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CCTV installation Over IP & Basic Networking Skills


In our today’s world, the go-to choice for a CCTV system is what is called an IP video surveillance solution. In comparison to an outdated analog system, this IP solution will offer such features as higher-definition cameras, remote monitoring, and integration with access control.

A closer look at security surveillance architecture

When an IP video surveillance solution is implemented, it will usually come with two distinctive surveillance architectures known as centralized and distributed.

A CENTRALIZED ARCHITECTURE is so-called as it is built around a central server and typically allows for centralized recording, too. Any processing of activities – like logging in or viewing life or recorded footage – undertaken at an external site must be relayed back to this central server.

CCTV Installation over IP & Basic Networking Skills-April

Ever wanted how to know how to create a simple working network of devices?
What about mobile network configurations?
Still not clear about basic cabling techniques, various types cables, their data carrying capacities (bandwidth), their terminations, associated devices, etc
What about IP Addressing (NAT)?
Do you consider knowledge of how switches, routers, bridges, servers, etc work to be of great value to the kind of technician you want to be?

Car Alarms & GPS Tracker Systems Installation Skills

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for candidates that can be away from the business for a 1 week period or candidates that are looking for a career change. Again the course is ideal for locksmiths not involved in the auto market, motor trade operations that want to offer automotive keys and lock services, and people looking for a career change into a niche market with a high level of technical content and good rewards.

This training course is very popular with military personnel looking for a civilian life business opportunity.
An ideal training course for someone wanting to start out in this trade with an exceptional level of training giving you the best start possible.

What the course covers

This course covers security alarms and tracking systems installed on vehicles. Join us and learn how to:
– Connect the supply lines of the tracking device to the vehicle battery.
– Connect the Ignition wire of the device (if present) to the second ignition of the car.

Facilities Infrastructure, Maintenance and Management (FIMM)Training

Facilities Managers can influence how an organization’s operating costs can be reduced while its productivity is increased. It is essential to ensure that all the different buildings and services of a company work as efficiently as possible.

FM is the total management of all services that support the core business of the organization and good facilities management makes a huge difference to the efficiency and productivity of a business, its staff, and even its clients.

Our FM course will equip you to recognize the factors that influence property choice, the nature of tenure, and the acquisition and disposal of corporate real estate. This includes the cost implications of the property life cycle and the consideration of liabilities and legal issues. You will also be able to apply the techniques you learn to improve workplace productivity, sustainability, communication, and the overall competitive strategy of an organization.