Fire Detection, Suppression & Alarm System Installation Training

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN OUR SECURITY INSTALLATION COURSES AS A TRAINEE: 1. You don’t need any specific qualifications to start as a trainee, although employers may expect you to have KCSE (A-D-), or similar qualifications, in English, Math and at least one 2. Full Fee payment before joining any scheduled program/ course 3. Ability to attend and participate actively in all […]

Fire Detection & Suppression Systems Installation & Management Skills

Fire protection systems include fire alarms, automatic fire detection, and fire suppression systems.  The system is thus a threefold knowledge base that goes beyond mere fire safety measures courses that are most likely going to be delivered by non-technical people to non-technical organization stuff.

Practical Electric Fencing Specialist

This training will lift you from zero skills to a skilled and ready installer for all types of electric fences. It will take you through the fence design, material selection, costing, implementation, commissioning and maintenance.