Electronic Records/ Information Management-2- Certificate Training

From managing electronic content, Record / information life cycle, information sharing, ERM applications, development of Business cases, Design and implementation of records management project to vital records and terminology, etc, this training will make clear many conceptual issues pertinent in ensuring that the right information is made available to the right persons at the right time


Learn how to use ARCHICAD 23, a tool used by architects in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry for designing buildings from concept to construction.
Explore the powerful tools and techniques of ARCHICAD, used by many architects as part of their building information modeling (BIM) workflow.

Electronic Records Management Skills – A Certificate Course

” The real question isn’t whether your organization needs an ERM; it’s what kind of system you need and how much work you need to do to improve your digital processes first. ERMs work best when they are integrated into your business processes, so having your processes defined and digital is always a good first step. “


MAKE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION MATTER Every time someone walks into your office, they are always the first people that the visitors interact with. They say that first impressions matter a lot and this is very true. PA’s in every organization will determine if new clients will comeback or if they will kill all contact with your organization. Being the image […]

How Healthy is your Corporate Records & Information system?

When we are sick, our bodies experience an information management crisis. What is happening is such a case is that, the critical supporting components of the body’s defense mechanisms are not getting the right information at the right time to facilitate the best possible reaction to the intruders. An organization – whether small, medium, or large; government, publicly traded, or […]