Premier Electric Fence Installation & Maintenance- Training

Living in a region where insecurity is a challenge, most residential and commercial property owners find it indispensable to have electric fences installed on their perimeter walls.

Electric Fence Construction & Installation Skills Training-

Automotive Key Programming & Duplication Skills

So, you want to become an auto locksmith expert?

Here are some of the things that automotive locksmiths need to own that non-automotive locksmiths traditionally don’t have.
• Manual or computerized code machines for duplicating and originating automotive side-milled keys
• Transponder programming devices (Yes, you need more than one!)
• Specialized tools for decoding, picking, and/or disassembling automotive locks
• Transponder key cloning equipment
• Reliable sources of data, information, code numbers, PIN numbers etc.

The beginning point is where most people tend to avoid yet the most critical: Knowledge surrounding what you are doing. With the automotive industry undergoing a fast pace skill turnover triggered by innovations leading to motor vehicle sophistication, there is need to acquire the prerequisite technical skills in the industry. Especially so are the principles surrounding the ignition system, security aspects, etc.

This training is experiential. It is breathtaking as well as assuring. With us, you’ll not go wrong on your investiment.

CCTV System Operation & Control Room Management- Aug’23

When cameras are monitored, you receive true 24 hour surveillance. If anything unexpected happens at the property, monitoring agents can respond immediately using the many tools available to them. Remote monitoring services offer more than just 24×7 CCTV monitoring. The systems also include two-way speakers, lights, and other sensors (such as temperature sensors) that give monitoring agents a full picture of the situation at a property and the ability to proactively intervene.

Facilities Infrastructure, Maintenance and Management (FIMM)Training

Facilities Managers can influence how an organization’s operating costs can be reduced while its productivity is increased. It is essential to ensure that all the different buildings and services of a company work as efficiently as possible.

FM is the total management of all services that support the core business of the organization and good facilities management makes a huge difference to the efficiency and productivity of a business, its staff, and even its clients.

Our FM course will equip you to recognize the factors that influence property choice, the nature of tenure, and the acquisition and disposal of corporate real estate. This includes the cost implications of the property life cycle and the consideration of liabilities and legal issues. You will also be able to apply the techniques you learn to improve workplace productivity, sustainability, communication, and the overall competitive strategy of an organization.

Premier Electric Fence Installation & Maintenance Skills –


– Electric fencing components;
– Basic electronic and electrical theory;
– Basic electronic and electrical components and equipment;
– Earthing systems;
– Over-voltage, electromagnetic interference, and ground potential;
– Metallurgy ;
– Communication systems;
– Electric fence circuits, monitoring systems and electrical systems;- – Installation configuration, quotation, work plans and administration;
– Completing the Electric Fencing System Certificate of Compliance



EXAMINATION: (Every trainee will have his /her day of installation, configuration, and testing practical exam).

CERTIFICATION: Presented under condition that the trainee passes the practical exam.

Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance Systems Installation Skills

Biometric Access Control System is the best choice for unauthorized Access within company premises. Biometrics are now considered to be an essential element of any plan to better protect facilities, identify potential terrorists and streamline controls for users. These needs all converge at airports and border checkpoints, where security requirements must be balanced against commercial realities that are vital to the economy.