Mastering GIS in both Mobile & Desktop Platforms

In this training program, we will endeavor to practically articulate strategies for integrating GIS to support instruction, discussion, and extended learning on any topic. Many practical ideas for GIS activities that enhance student learning and critical thinking skills are not only shared but demonstrated during our training sessions.

Time to tame your Data/Records holding culture

SHOCKING FIGURES!! AND FIGURES DON’T LIE   E-RECORDS: A RUNAWAY CHAOS!!! WHAT IS YOUR ORGANIZATION DOING ABOUT IT? I BET…… NOTHING With ‪#‎Internet‬ ‪#‎connections‬ getting cheaper and ‪#‎APPETITE‬ for more ‪#‎data‬/ ‪#‎information‬ ever Getting insatiable, ‪#‎Businesses‬ are facing a BIG PROBLEM: their data isn’t growing, it’s ‪#‎EXPLODING‬—exponentially. In fact, 90% of all electronically stored information was created in the last […]