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Mastering GIS in both Mobile & Desktop Platforms

In this training program, we will endeavor to practically articulate strategies for integrating GIS to support instruction, discussion, and extended learning on any topic. Many practical ideas for GIS activities that enhance student learning and critical thinking skills are not only shared but demonstrated during our training sessions.

Integrated Facility Security Systems Installation & Management Skills

An Integrated Security System (ISS) is a security platform that provides multi- layered security features and intrusion detection at the field device, network, and control system levels. The objectives of an integrated security system are to detect intruders and unauthorized activities with a high degree of reliability and the to deter and delay them until effective response/engagement can be accomplished.

Installation of Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance System- Training

Installation of Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance System
Electronic Access Control (EAC) has been an integral security tool for physical security professionals for over 10 years and provided customers the control to authorize access for: employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors to the facilities.