Premier Electric Fence Construction & Installation Course

This training will lift you from zero skills to a skilled and ready installer for all types of electric fences.Course to cover the following types of fences:

Free Standing Electric Fence
Top Wall Electric Fences
Custom Installed Electric Fences

Also to be covered would be

Electric Fences Energizer types
Types Electric Fences wires
Electric Fences poles and their preparation

CCTV Installation over IP & Basic Networking Skills

Ever wanted how to know how to create a simple working network of devices?
What about mobile network configurations?
Still not clear about basic cabling techniques, various types cables, their data carrying capacities (bandwidth), their terminations, associated devices, etc
What about IP Addressing (NAT)?
Do you consider knowledge of how switches, routers, bridges, servers, etc work to be of great value to the kind of technician you want to be?