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Comprehensive CCTV Installation, Streaming & Management

The course provides a solid understanding of IP surveillance architecture covering system design, Implementation over LAN/WAN/VPN, security issues and real life surveillance application.

IP Surveillance Design, Installation & Management Master Class

IP Surveillance Design, Installation & Management Master Class BASIC IP SURVEILLANCE SKILLS As IP surveillance is quickly becoming the most flexible and future-proof option for security and surveillance installations, it is important for users to understand common pitfalls, customization options and the advantages of a fully digital system. Our CCTV Design, Installation and Management training will immerse you into the critical CCTV project skills starting from the basics of some of the most popular technologies used in networking, CCTV Camera basics, configuration and management to the very highest considerations that a CCTV project manager should consider before embarking on an installation […]

How Understanding Cables Helped us Resolve Video Signal Noise Problem

Four months ago, a customer called us with a video signal noise problem on his CCTV SYSTEM. Apparently, he had changed the cabling of his camera cabling from coaxial to Cat6 (Ethernet). The technician, however, did not separate the power signal from the video signal in the new installation. Here is the lesson he had to learn the hard way when it came to running cable in parallel with electrical cables. Data cabling used “UTP” — unshielded twisted pairs — to achieve its goals. The magnetic field generated by the low voltage running through the cable is a critical component of […]