Car Alarms & GPS Tracker Systems Installation Skills

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for candidates that can be away from the business for a 1 week period or candidates that are looking for a career change. Again the course is ideal for locksmiths not involved in the auto market, motor trade operations that want to offer automotive keys and lock services, and people looking for a career change into a niche market with a high level of technical content and good rewards.

This training course is very popular with military personnel looking for a civilian life business opportunity.
An ideal training course for someone wanting to start out in this trade with an exceptional level of training giving you the best start possible.

What the course covers

This course covers security alarms and tracking systems installed on vehicles. Join us and learn how to:
– Connect the supply lines of the tracking device to the vehicle battery.
– Connect the Ignition wire of the device (if present) to the second ignition of the car.