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  • Having defined a record and its life cycle it’s not difficult to go one step further and define records management.  Records management is defined as the systematic control placed over the life cycle of recorded information from creation to ultimate disposition or permanent storage of a record (Wallace 1992, Page 2).  It is also defined as a logical and practical approach to the creation, maintenance, use and disposition of records and therefore of the information that those records contain (Penn et al 1994 Pg 67).
  • Records Management entails designing and directing a programme aimed at achieving economy and efficiency in the creation, use, maintenance, retention, preservation and disposal of records. A viable and vibrant Record Management Programme enable an organization to CREATE, USE, MAINTAIN and DISPOSE OF RECORDS. It helps to maintain records economically and promotes efficiency by improved access to information.
  • A well managed Record Management Programme ensures that current records are well maintained, easily retrieved and that records needed for long-term research needs are preserved while those of ephemeral nature are periodically destroyed to facilitate economical use of office space and equipment. Records Management is both a business function and a profession.


The principle aim of Records Management is to optimize the information value of records throughout an organization.

  • To achieve this aim a RMP should have the following objectives.
  • To furnish accurately, timely and complete information for efficient decision making in the management and operation of the organization.
  • To process recorded information as efficiently as possible.
  • To provide information and records at the lowest possible cost.
  • To render maximum service to the user of the records.
  • To dispose records that are no longer needed
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