Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Skills Training


This Mobile Repair Course is a comprehensive program that will enable all students to learn and build their technical skills in order to succeed in the electronic repair industry.


The curriculum is comprised of all skill levels of repair methods starting from the basics of how to diagnose and troubleshoot all devices up to advanced soldering repair techniques.


Our hands-on training approach methodically breaks down each repair procedure so that students obtain a thorough understanding of how to successfully execute each technique.

By completion of the course, our students will have obtained the necessary technical skills and understanding to have mastered all repair methods and techniques. `

mobile pieces

Mobile pieces lined up for repair




assembling and dissembling phones

Come out of your closet and pick up skills that the modern tools need to live on. These skills will not only put money in your pocket but also act as a stepping stone to higher grounds in your career.

Discover your Potential today

  • Step-By-Step Teardowns Of The Hottest iPhones
  • Complete Disassembly & Reassembly On All The iPads
  • Disassembly & Reassembly Of The Most Popular Samsung Galaxy Devices

Learn To Repair ANY Cell Phone Or Tablet On The Market…!



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