The upsurge of crime in our cities and environs has triggered an upsurge in demand for CCTV Surveillance in our business premises, homes and leisure joints. As if trying to beat a deadline, Kenyans are rushing in to deploy these gadgets with a worrying haste. As a result, the field has been infiltrated by opportunists- who are cashing in on our ever gullible “wanna haves”!!!. We have now all sorts of CCTV resellers, importers, who have no idea what CCTV Surveillance is all about. What is worse, they head to China where they get cheap cameras made from fabricated material and falsified performance properties. Some cameras are even known to fail on the same day they are installed. Then, comes is this “electrician” in your hood who imagines that the job just entails connecting the cams and just streaming the stuff, just the same way one does with DSTV or GoTV or stuff like that. He goes up you wall, mounts the “things” and “hurrah” you have CCTV. When you try to get certain configurations, you discover it is not possible to get them on. The installation even misses certain critical elements such as design. Some install it in such away they end up picking up footage on public paths (an illegality by all means).

Take time to learn about CCTV Surveillance as a skill. If you are a customer, you ought to have a Certificate of installation from your Installer. Ensure that you have a guaranteed workmanship. Your CCTV camera dealer should warrant your equipment at least for 2 – 3 years. Your installer should warrant the works for at least a year fee-free servicing. Demand to see the Design of your Surveillance area and have it ready in case of future security violation to your property.
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  • adminken Post author

    Rogue installers continue roaming the country with nothing more than a screw driver and a ladder. Majority have no clue what CCTV Surveillance is about. These people are Specifiers, designers, installers, managers, etc all wrapped up into one. These people charge what we would regard as “Monkey Fee” for installation and in return provide “Monkey Services”. It is no wonder that more than 70% of those who have picked these installers and “CCTV system suppliers” have had to turn to the professionals after their first “installations” have failed. There are instances where cameras are known to “die” at the installation point or few days after and the installers and suppliers are nowhere to be found or cannot accept responsibility.
    It is time to go professional if one has to get value for the investment.

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