Information Management

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Systematic Records and Information management (RIM) practices are fundamental to the efficient and economical operations of any business / organization. Any business entity must have an effective records and information management programs.

Testing LPR Cameras

Capturing license plates is a common video surveillance application. But what cameras do integrators mostly commonly used? Special purpose LPC cameras or regular cameras? And would it be from the biggest camera manufacturers or from specialists? While a number of dedicated, special purpose cameras exist in the market, overwhelmingly integrators say they are using conventional, ‘regular’ IP cameras for license plate capture. The key 2 technical features amongst these regular IP cameras is HD resolution (or higher) and integrated IR. Both make sense to allow for wider FoVs (i.e., HD) and to handle night time lighting issues and the faster shutter […]

Weekend Security Installation Courses

If learning how to carry out installation of security systems such as CCTV, Biometric Access Control, GSM-Based Alarm Systems and Electric Fencing, but you work full-time, Kenvision Techniks has started Full Day Classes in those areas to fit your schedule. Classes to run on Saturdays (Full Day). CCTV Systems Installation:  5 Weeks Biometric Access Control:   3 Weeks GSM-Based Alarm Installation: 3 weeks

Cybersecurity in Kenya: Are we Ready?

Cyber security awareness remains low amongst the general public. This according to a report launched by Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya, TESPOK. TESPOK’s report indicates that most working personnel are ignorant of the risks that arise from unprotected information leading to vulnerability of business networks. According to the report, Kenya’s banking institutions and government departments are said to be most affected by cyber crime that have affected service delivery. Only recently, the central bank of Kenya’s website was hacked in a week that also a number of other websites hosted websites taken down by hackers Save