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The best way to predict the future is to create it
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The best way to predict the future is to create it
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The best way to predict the future is to create it
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Today’s universities have been criticized for being out of touch, out of date, and unresponsive to society’s needs.



Practical-learning environments allow students to develop in numerous ways that can have lifelong benefits.






First, gaining practical experience puts education theory into practice and thereby makes it more relevant. Practical experience also allows people to learn in a variety of ways .



MTRH Security Staff receiving their certificates upon qualifications as CCTV installers

Real-world learning prepares you for further education, for careers, and for community involvement. It is difficult to overestimate the value of learning by doing.







Students who transition well from high school to college and from college to the workplace are those who switch from being receivers of information to being seekers of information; they take responsibility for their learning.

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Truth be told, with the current low prices that Electronic Surveillance Systems have come to, there has been an unprecedented demand for these systems by a majority of people in the middle class organizations, businesses and homes. There are, however, some things that have not become abundant. One of them is Professionalism. If anything, with all the cheap CCTV paraphernalia being thrown around and being offered for a song, there has never been more critical need for sound pre-installation survey as today. Walking or placing that call to an unqualified installer who disregards all the ethics and norms of carrying out installations in a property cannot only cost you monetarily but can prove catastrophic.

The educational environment has changed greatly since the infamous Kyanguli Fire Tragedy that led to death of more than 60 students in the dawn of this millennium. Earlier on, there were rather shocking but wide apart incidents of student waste of life through insider action. Nevertheless, this year has been on record as a time when student violence and arson went through the roof across the country. It was so serious to a point where it was contemplated as a matter of urgency to shut down all public schools nationally. Without delving on the underlying circumstances that led to the wave of this form of unrest, those of us in security industry have had to think through the possible stop gaps that can go a long way in checking, if not curbing violence of this nature in as far as accessibility to the school facilities but the bona fide persons as well as visitors is concerned. In the past, secondary security measures tended to be reactive. It is now encouraged for schools to think of moving energetically toward proactive, preventive electronic security for all our schools.
Access Control Is the First Tier
In the case of public secondary school security, access control is always the first tier. There are a myriad of access control suppliers across the country. Kenvision Techniks is a registered business in the area of IT-driven security systems and Access Control Supply and installation is one of our domains. A typical system would include four to five proximity readers installed in each high school. There would then be installed a stationary camera near each proximity reader to capture an image of card users. Each school would have between eight and ten PTZ cameras. The cameras would be monitored 24/7 from a central security office. Each school would also have its own Compass access control system and camera monitoring station in the main office or campus security office.
Boarding and Day Schools
Each school would have its own control center and security staff monitoring its security arrangements. There would be a centralized zonal office to monitor and oversee that all protocols are being followed. This office would act as the extra eyes during school hours and enhance the security of the entire zone. At each school, secretaries at the main office will have responsibility for checking visitors in and out. Card-access security is expected to enhance the teaching environment in all our secondary schools by solving and preventing problems. One important aspect is keeping the school safely locked. Another is monitoring the situation when nearby emergencies occur, to be sure that kids can’t get out and perpetrators can't get in.
CCTV and Readers
CCTV cameras associated with the access control arrangements are a useful deterrent, providing accountability for coming and going after hours. When a student turns up missing or lost, the CCTV shows who went in and out and what they were wearing. A driver’s license reader for visitors may also be included. The CCTV cameras are motion capable. The designated security monitoring body can aim the security cameras at certain areas around the school grounds at night. When something enters the field of view, the dispatcher is alerted to its presence, which allows the system to be monitored more efficiently.
Other Enhancements
To the basic, essential access control arrangements, individual security devices that are all controlled through the Central monitoring system may be added. These include door intrusion, roof intruder detection systems, and hardwired motion detectors, outside motion detectors, beam detectors and wireless security systems. All of the systems interact with each other. For instance, when an alarm is tripped in a certain area, the nearby cameras are activated and automatically point to the area in alarm. The security officer is then able to investigate with the camera system. When a situation arises we can now respond more efficiently and safely.
Growth and Improvement

We envision a future where the School Security project would grow and expand, driven by real needs and finding ways to improve. For example, the Central monitoring system might be expanded with internal GPS, allowing total tracking of anyone inside the building. Also, one or more mobile command and monitoring stations might be deployed in the field where total control of all the systems could be implemented.
 We have had people come all the way from Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda; different parts of Kenya to learn technical skills in the Security Industry. Since security is one of the Key needs of every individual, its importance goes without saying and further emphasizes the need for professionalism in that sector.

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