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Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance

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Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre Q7-9 Feliz Stalls Nairobi Kahawa Sukari Kenya

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  • 19/07/2022 09:00   -   22/07/2022 16:30
  • 19/09/2022 09:00   -   22/09/2022 16:30
  • 10/10/2022 09:00   -   14/10/2022 16:30
  • 14/11/2022 09:00   -   16:30
  • 12/12/2022 21:00   -   16/12/2022 16:30

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Access Control installation

Biometric Access Control System is the best choice for unauthorized Access within company premises. Biometrics is now considered to be an essential element of any plan to better protect facilities, identify potential terrorists and streamline controls for users.  These needs all converge at airports and border checkpoints, where security requirements must be balanced against commercial realities that are vital to the economy.

Learn How to Plan, design, install, configure, commission, and manage Access Control Systems in various environments including but not limited to:
Private / Exclusive properties, College offices, and classes, clubhouses, hospitals, county offices, hotel suites, parking zones, shopping center drive-ins, etc

1. Understand the fundamental elements that make up an Access Control System.
2. Fit the principal components of a stand-alone system and networked systems.
3. Connect and program a card, keypad, and proximity stand-alone system.
4. Effectively connect up, test, and fault-find system elements.
5. Be aware of the issues associated with Access Control Systems.
6. Have an awareness of the changing technology and its impact on the industry


• How to conduct a site survey to the requirements of the site where Access Control Systems are needed
• How to select correct power supplies and electronic components with appropriate test equipment

• How to install door entry systems

• How to select locks
• How to install standalone access control systems• How to program access control software
• How to install networked access control systems
• How to select and adjust door furniture
• How to install control equipment
• How to select appropriate use of card tokens and keypad identification methods
• How to design a system and prepare a specification

– Mechanical and electromagnetic locks
– Electric strikes and releases
– Identification, tokens, and readers
– Power supplies and sensors
– Card-based systems, controllers, and systems
– Location of sensors
– The frequency of use and operation, locations, and sensors

– Fitting devices onto framed constructions
– Single and multi-door systems and closures
– Methods and types of cables to use in various environments
– Risk assessment
– Practical on-site surveys
– Planning and design of a system
– Maintenance agreements
– Knowledge possession
– Code identification systems
– -Non-contact identification methods
– Networking access control systems
– Fault-finding techniques


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Event FAQs

Do I need any prior computer skills to undertake this course

Yes. This course is suitable for those with basic knowledge of database management.

Are skills in basic electrical handling necessary

Yes. We recommend hoping to take up this course to take up basic electricity course to understand some fundamental electric principles 

What sort of exam do you administer

A practical installation and management exam where a trainee is required to install an access and Time Attendance device and work out the entire connectivity of all the locks plus configurations using AAA modes of access. Also, the trainee must be able to demonstrate his/her understanding of the door controller.