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September 2021

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Aug 23 - 27 2021


There is a 1hr lunch break break
09:00 - 16:30



Car Alarm & GPS Tracker Installation Skills



Auto tracking, or GPS tracking, is a technology that combines the tracking of the location of a vehicle with a software interface that displays vehicle data. That data can be later used by companies as business intelligence in order to make informed decisions.

While some people might point to the decline in car crime as proof that alarms are no longer as important as they once were, the opposite is true: improved car alarms and security systems have helped a huge amount in preventing car crime.

This combined course addresses the performance outcomes required to install and test automotive security systems and components in vehicles or machinery. It involves preparing for the task, installing and testing system and component operation, and completing workplace processes and documentation. The security systems and components will not require programming following installation as they do not communicate with the vehicle or machinery controller area network databus (CAN-bus or LIN-bus) topography.

It applies to those working in the automotive service and repair industry. The electrical security systems and components include those being installed in agricultural machinery, heavy commercial vehicles, light vehicles, vessels, mobile plant machinery, motorcycles or outdoor power equipment.

Unit 1: Auto Alarm Installation

This training course will take a trainee Technician or Electrician through the technical requirements that are needed to install a modern electronic security system in a domestic or small commercial application.

The course content was developed to help the technician to understand the concept of electronic security through various stages from design through to final handover.

Technicians will work on products from different manufacturers to gain a broad range of experience and proprietary knowledge of common commercial systems within the Australian security industry.

One of the primary outcomes is to enable a technician to install and maintain a system that will carry out the functions for which it was designed to do with the minimum amount of disruption to either the customer or the security services resulting from false alarms or total malfunctions.

Auto Alarm Installation: Unit Objectives 

On completion of the training, participants are expected to;

1. Install security equipment and systems
2. Test installed security equipment and systems
3.  Perform routine maintenance on security equipment and systems

Unit 1:GPS Installation: Unit Objectives 

On completion of the training, participants are expected to;

  • Install and configure GPS trackers on vehicles (assets).
  • Track vehicles (assets) on a real-time/online tracking platform.
  • Perform basic trip management operations such as; setting Points of Interests (POIs), generating trip reports, creating geofences, setting automated reports (to be issued when certain rules are violated), among others.
  • Automate vehicle maintenance scheduling operations based on mileage covered.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of the standard implementation of GPS/GLONASS and RFID technologies in Cargo/Asset Tracking and Fleet Management Operations.

GPS Installation Skills: Business Benefits

What are some of the opportunities open for you upon completion of this course:

Vehicle owners live under constant fear of losing their vehicles, owing to high crime rates prevalent in Kenya today. Comprehensive vehicle insurance is expensive and considered a luxury. With millions of vehicles registered in Kenya, the awareness levels are high for vehicle tracking systems, as the ideal solution for a lasting peace of mind.;

  • You can start a profitable GPS based Vehicle tracking business.
  • You’ll have the capability of sourcing for cheap GPS tracking units without compromising quality and standards
  • You can partner with existing garages and other auto businesses to supply or set up your installation business.


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    Who Should Attend?

    This course is ideal for candidates that can be away from the business for a 1 week period or candidates that are looking for a career change. Again the course is ideal for locksmiths not involved in the auto market, motor trade operations that want to offer automotive keys and lock services and people looking for a career change into a niche market with a high level of technical content and good rewards.



    Fee: USD 200 KES 20K

    I would like to register for this course:

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