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Premier Electric Fence Construction, Installation & Maintenance Skills Training – Final MAY OFFER!

May 31 @ 09:00 - June 2 @ 16:30 EAT



1. You need to have a proof of BASIC ELECTRICAL SKILLS or a technical subject from a technical institution . Previous experience in electrical or electronics will also be considered. Documentation must be presented as proof of this qualification.

2. Full Fee payment before joining any scheduled program/ course

3. Ability to attend and participate actively in all our tuition and practical sessions. Gaps in attendance will lead to the termination of your training without any recourse to a refund. 


Living in a region where insecurity is a challenge, most residential and commercial property owners find it indispensable to have electric fences installed on their perimeter walls.

There are a few obvious advantages to electric fencing as a security barrier on your perimeter walls, as it acts as:

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  • A physical barrier,
  • A psychological barrier, and
  • An early warning system.

The visual appearance thereof will be a definite deterrent to a potential intruder as it will cause a delay to enter your property and also when they want to exit again.
Skills on how to install such a perimeter security enhancement are offered at our institute to give young persons an expanded skill base which can earn them more when called upon to carry out suchlike jobs.

Who is this course intended for?

  • Anyone Interested in becoming an Electric Fence Dealer
  • Installers and Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Security Managers
  • Building Contractors
  • Engineers and Consultants
  • Sales Staff of electronic security equipment
    A trainee learning how to install E-Fence on a model Fence at our workshop


Compulsory class day 1:

Topics covered will be;

  • Electric fencing components;
  • Basic electronic and electrical theory;
  • Basic electronic and electrical components and equipment;
  • Basic electronic and electrical theory as applied to electric fencing;
  • Installation configuration, quotation, work plans, and administration;
  • Completing the Electric Fencing System Certificate of Compliance.

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Compulsory class days 2& 3:

Training will consist of extra topics not required for examination purposes, covering aspects of;

This training will lift you from zero skills to a skilled and ready installer for all types of electric fences.
It will take you through the fence design, material selection, costing, implementation, commissioning, and maintenance.

Course to cover the following types of fences:

  • Top Wall Electric Fences
  • Free Standing Electric Fence
  • Custom Installed Electric Fences

Also to be covered would be:

  • Electric Fences Energizer types

  • Types of Electric Fences wires

  • Electric Fences poles and their preparation

Electric Fence Construction training outside our workshop



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