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Emergency Generator Installation, Repair & Maintenance Skills


” Lift the generator, wipe out the bottom plane, place it on the bridge and the generator support plane, push the generator, the front cover flange of the generator enters the flywheel housing of the diesel engine. Screw the fixing bolt around the front cover of the generator into the flywheel housing of the diesel engine; insert the rubber foot cushion (or shock absorber) between the base of generator and the bridge, and then insert the generator fixing bolt into the foot hole, cover with a flat pad, spring pad, and tighten the nut.”
This is part of the installation process of generator installation – A very essential phase in the whole domain of generator preparation….

YR 2022: Generator Repair & Emergency Power maintenance training Schedule

Course CodeCourse NameStart DateEnd DateDuration (in Days)USUAL FEE
(in USD)
Maximum No of Trainees
(Per Session)
GREPM/2022/1Generator Repair & Emergency Power maintenance trainingMay 2nd, 2022May 13th, 202251,1005Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
GREPM/2022/2Generator Repair & Emergency Power maintenance trainingJuly 04th, 2022July 16th, 202251,1005Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre
GREPM/2022/3Generator Repair & Emergency Power maintenance trainingNovember 21st, 2022December 2nd, 202251,1005Kenvision Techniks Talent Centre