Retention of Legal Firm files

Retention of Legal Firm files

Despite being a leader and a subject authority in RECORDS MANAGEMENT DOMAIN, what we present in this guideline is not necessarily going to be a binding position in as far as retention of files in your organisation is concerned. It is therefore important that you check on the statutory position in as far as records retention is concerned. This advice […]

SMART Data Use

Starting a business is usually perceived to be as simple as just having an idea. But that is usually the least part and the most interesting part of it all. The bigger bulk of the work is setting up the business and ensuring it is up and running as effectively as possible. Businesses usually have a life cycle that they […]

The Reality That Most Organizations Fear To Confront

The Reality That Most Organizations Fear To Confront Today, increasingly more documents are created and stored electronically than in yesteryear. In most developing countries where technology has been embraced though in a “wide and shallow sense” paper documents still dominate most transactions. This is the case even in situations where ICT and Electronic Records Management legislation has been passed. It […]

Time to tame your Data/Records holding culture

SHOCKING FIGURES!! AND FIGURES DON’T LIE   E-RECORDS: A RUNAWAY CHAOS!!! WHAT IS YOUR ORGANIZATION DOING ABOUT IT? I BET…… NOTHING With ‪#‎Internet‬ ‪#‎connections‬ getting cheaper and ‪#‎APPETITE‬ for more ‪#‎data‬/ ‪#‎information‬ ever Getting insatiable, ‪#‎Businesses‬ are facing a BIG PROBLEM: their data isn’t growing, it’s ‪#‎EXPLODING‬—exponentially. In fact, 90% of all electronically stored information was created in the last […]

The death of recordkeeping has come early

Digital revolution has forced many organizations to make hard and painful adjustments including retraining.Yes, it has come several years earlier than expected. When I first qualified as Records Manager in the early 90’s the area of information management looked and felt like a strange ground. Coming from a developing country meant that there wasn’t so much information to manage….. so […]

Spoliation: When the Past Poor Information Governance Strikes

Keeping business records is not only critical for any business operation, it is the a legal requirement when it comes to certain categories of records. Records pertaining to taxation, personnel matters, business registration, court decisions settlements , summons, meeting minutes, etc are by law expected to be maintained by businesses of whatever nature. The early days of any business are […]

Who moved my files? Digital invasion on Records

Who moved my files? This geezer had worked for this organisation since he was 19 and now he had two years to go before calling worklife a day. Over the years he had seen the company rise and fall and rise again. No matter what happened, his position was cemented in the organisation. He was guaranteed a next life whenever the […]

Records & Information Audit: Setting the Stage

It is necessary to put in the right mechanisms to bring to fruition a RIM Audit in an organisation. Some of the steps one has to go through are: (I)  Defining the Stakeholders and Drivers Like people, every organization is unique. Each has its own personality, objectives, stakeholders, drivers, and performance measures. The audit team must identify and understand each […]