Cybersecurity in Kenya: Are we Ready?

Cyber security awareness remains low amongst the general public. This according to a report launched by Telecommunication Service Providers of Kenya, TESPOK. TESPOK’s report indicates that most working personnel are ignorant of the risks that arise from unprotected information leading to vulnerability of business networks. According to the report, Kenya’s banking institutions and government departments are said to be most […]


WHEN CAMERAS SUFFER FROM PARTIAL BLINDNESS, WHO WILL GIVE THEM SIGHT? Since Mwangi’s car was stolen from the parking lot 3 weeks ago, the parking lot Manager had been thinking seriously about their predicament. Mwangi’s car brought to total 5 cars that had been stolen in that car park in the last 10 months under his watch. The manager had […]

Panting and Out of Breath: Is the Librarian struggling to catch up?

NO MADAM, “YOU DID NOT DELETE THE INTERNET!!” Being sent to a “parking zone” in school used to be a punishment and so was being sent to the bedroom following an act of deviance: now it’s a teen dream. Through personal computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles, teenagers are spurning antisocial angst for a culture of “connected cocooning”. We are […]

Law firms’ Records Destruction: What every Lawyer should Know

File Retention dilemma in many legal firms Private law information custodians are increasingly being drawn into the parallel universe of records management in their firms and corporate law departments, either as the department’s manager or as a researcher in support of the organization’s records retention policy development efforts for itself or for its clients. Areas of interest: “Property” “Property”has a […]

Retention of Legal Firm files

Despite being a leader and a subject authority in RECORDS MANAGEMENT DOMAIN, what we present in this guideline is not necessarily going to be a binding position in as far as retention of files in your organisation is concerned. It is therefore important that you check on the statutory position in as far as records retention is concerned. This advice […]


MAKE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION MATTER Every time someone walks into your office, they are always the first people that the visitors interact with. They say that first impressions matter a lot and this is very true. PA’s in every organization will determine if new clients will comeback or if they will kill all contact with your organization. Being the image […]