Cyber-connectivity: The Next Battlefront

The next phase of digital evolution is themed “connected” – connected cars, connected homes, and connected humans (with intelligent body parts like wireless enabled pacemakers). As businesses race to bring new connected products or to make intelligent existing products using internet enabled sensors, wireless, cloud management and mobile apps, they still seem to not realize the criticality of fool proofing […]

Devolution & Digital Migration

Aren’t we all happy and extremely excited when we find ourselves embracing the digital platform in most of our daily transactions? Today, most of our government business is carried out online and there is more and more hosting of content that was hitherto in the old manual order. However, like any new stage in life, there is need to beware […]


“Cyberawareness” is no longer a term to be buzzed around by the IT Savvy but a must know working term to everyone who wishes in work in today’s networked environment. Whether working in Healthcare, Transport, education, or any other sector, there is need to get your act together as long as you are disposed to IT in your workplace. Just […]