The Power of Assertiveness: When Resentment Buildup Destroys (Part 1) He woke up from the terrible nightmare with a jolt. He was profusely sweating and could still hear the cries of help coming from his best friend Steve, in his dream. A quick glance at his wife’s side of the bed confirmed his worst fears. She was not in bed, […]


MAKE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION MATTER Every time someone walks into your office, they are always the first people that the visitors interact with. They say that first impressions matter a lot and this is very true. PA’s in every organization will determine if new clients will comeback or if they will kill all contact with your organization. Being the image […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a saying that we all know too well. We have heard it said many times and might have also said it ourselves to other people. Yet at times we do not really understand the magnitude of that statement. It is upon this commonly used phrase that the concept of […]


THE AGE OF ANGER: TOM & JERRY GENERATION The last 8 years have seen teachers in Kenya go on strike 7 times. It is not only teachers who have found themselves using strike as a weapon to get what they want. Even doctors, nurses, dock workers, etc have gone to the streets to express their anger at authorities in a […]

Traits that make an Exceptional Receptionist

Customers are the lifeline of every organization. They hold up an organization and propel it to the direction it seeks to go. This clearly emphasizes the important role that customers play in any business. Customers come in different shapes; these are the Good, The bad and the Ugly. The good customers are those that friendly, kind and easy to relate […]

Handling the Anger Monster

Is anger that bad? No. Not all anger is negative. In fact it is very essential as it acts as a flag for potential trouble ahead. It can be positively defensive. However, it has to be healthy. This is where some difficult may be experienced. What is “healthy anger?” Healthy anger is deliberate, proportional, and responsive to a clear and […]

TEAM BUILDING:What makes it Tick?

  of all tasks. Utter the word ‘Team’ and more or less, you are likely to get a response such as: a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. However, it becomes a little tricky when you narrow it down to Team Building. It becomes a management issue and an effective one is one that takes up […]


Team work realizes great benefits by tapping from our various knowledge bases. In an earlier blog, we did outline tips on how to make a Team Building tick by following three simple steps (CIA). That is: Clarify the team goals   Identify issues that inhibit the team from achieving their goals   Address those issues to enable goals to be […]