Inventory training

So, one day you arrive at your business and then you are told that the inventory manager has not arrived. Your first reaction is that, “well i think we can manage the days without him”. Then the third day comes and the sales manager informs you of drop in the sales for the last two days. On checking the system, […]

Infobesity: The New Disease in the Data World

We are living in a time and age whereby majority of the people are technologically savvy. This means more and more people understand how to keep up with the ever rising technological trends, more people own smart phones, the prices of data bundles are also on the decrease thus creating easier access to internet services. With these factors all in […]

Workplace Conflict: When supervisory skills come calling

As human beings we are all diverse and unique in our own ways. We all have gifts and personalities that define our very core. This gifts and personalities are all different in every individual. When these differences are brought together in a confined environment, there are two major things that can happen. They can either bring forth greater productivity due […]

SMART use of Data II

All organizations should be able to increase their business opportunities and their productivity by the use of the data they already possess in their archives. This is due to the insight concepts that we highlighted in SMART use of Data. It then might seem very easy for any organization but there is a hindrance that might arise that may kill […]


DO I NEED SKILLS IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT?- MOST LIKELY READ ON……… Supply chain managers are crucial to the global economy. They represent a unique discipline responsible for supporting the global network of delivering products and services across the entire supply chain, from raw materials to end customers. Specifically, supply chain managers engage in the design, planning, execution, control, and […]


THE AGE OF ANGER: TOM & JERRY GENERATION The last 8 years have seen teachers in Kenya go on strike 7 times. It is not only teachers who have found themselves using strike as a weapon to get what they want. Even doctors, nurses, dock workers, etc have gone to the streets to express their anger at authorities in a […]

Traits that make an Exceptional Receptionist

Customers are the lifeline of every organization. They hold up an organization and propel it to the direction it seeks to go. This clearly emphasizes the important role that customers play in any business. Customers come in different shapes; these are the Good, The bad and the Ugly. The good customers are those that friendly, kind and easy to relate […]

The Reality That Most Organizations Fear To Confront

The Reality That Most Organizations Fear To Confront Today, increasingly more documents are created and stored electronically than in yesteryear. In most developing countries where technology has been embraced though in a “wide and shallow sense” paper documents still dominate most transactions. This is the case even in situations where ICT and Electronic Records Management legislation has been passed. It […]

How Healthy is your Corporate Records & Information system?

When we are sick, our bodies experience an information management crisis. What is happening is such a case is that, the critical supporting components of the body’s defense mechanisms are not getting the right information at the right time to facilitate the best possible reaction to the intruders. An organization – whether small, medium, or large; government, publicly traded, or […]


Team work realizes great benefits by tapping from our various knowledge bases. In an earlier blog, we did outline tips on how to make a Team Building tick by following three simple steps (CIA). That is: Clarify the team goals   Identify issues that inhibit the team from achieving their goals   Address those issues to enable goals to be […]