Installing A CCTV System? What you need to consider

We have come to a stage in life where personal safety and security for our property is threatened by so many factors. Fortunately, there are a number security devices that we can deploy to mitigate the situation. In fact the gadgets are so many and come with different capabilities and qualities. This is were the average person gets mixed up when making a choice on what to go for. To complicate the matter,  we have a number of installers of these devices who have little knowledge about them but are quick to make quick bucks. Such installers would easily sell you a cheap system and sell you at a price of the top market system. This article is not going to address such practices as the issue has been addressed in a previous blog. The target of this blog is the installer who wants to pass to a customer quality products and service.

  • Environmental and risk assessment
  • Equipment to deploy
  • Monitoring
  • Footage recording
  • Storage / archiving of the footage
  • CCTV pre-installation Survey is critical

  • Forensics

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