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Team work realizes great benefits by tapping from our various knowledge bases. In an earlier blog, we did outline tips on how to make a Team Building tick by following three simple steps (CIA). That is: Clarify the team goals   Identify issues that inhibit the team from achieving their goals   Address those issues to enable goals to be […]

The death of recordkeeping has come early

Digital revolution has forced many organizations to make hard and painful adjustments including retraining.Yes, it has come several years earlier than expected. When I first qualified as Records Manager in the early 90’s the area of information management looked and felt like a strange ground. Coming from a developing country meant that there wasn’t so much information to manage….. so […]

Spoliation: When the Past Poor Information Governance Strikes

Keeping business records is not only critical for any business operation, it is the a legal requirement when it comes to certain categories of records. Records pertaining to taxation, personnel matters, business registration, court decisions settlements , summons, meeting minutes, etc are by law expected to be maintained by businesses of whatever nature. The early days of any business are […]

Records & Information Audit: Setting the Stage

It is necessary to put in the right mechanisms to bring to fruition a RIM Audit in an organisation. Some of the steps one has to go through are: (I)  Defining the Stakeholders and Drivers Like people, every organization is unique. Each has its own personality, objectives, stakeholders, drivers, and performance measures. The audit team must identify and understand each […]