Tackling Cyber-crimes, One step at a time

Nairobi is on a quest to become an African technological hub and with 21 million internet users out of a population of 44 million Kenyans; it seems like the logical path to take. Yet as we look forward to this great achievement, there seems to be a problem as Kenya ranks 4th in Cyber crime cases in Africa. This is […]

Infobesity: The New Disease in the Data World

We are living in a time and age whereby majority of the people are technologically savvy. This means more and more people understand how to keep up with the ever rising technological trends, more people own smart phones, the prices of data bundles are also on the decrease thus creating easier access to internet services. With these factors all in […]

Workplace Conflict: When supervisory skills come calling

As human beings we are all diverse and unique in our own ways. We all have gifts and personalities that define our very core. This gifts and personalities are all different in every individual. When these differences are brought together in a confined environment, there are two major things that can happen. They can either bring forth greater productivity due […]

Professional CCTV Installations: Not a Joke!

As a CCTV Installation and Consultation company, we deal with various clients and from them we have heard a lot of questions that show how Kenyans perceive CCTV security systems. Installation of a surveillance system in an organization or a client’s home is not just done because a client wants it. At times we get calls with someone saying they […]

SMART use of Data II

All organizations should be able to increase their business opportunities and their productivity by the use of the data they already possess in their archives. This is due to the insight concepts that we highlighted in SMART use of Data. It then might seem very easy for any organization but there is a hindrance that might arise that may kill […]

SMART Data Use

Starting a business is usually perceived to be as simple as just having an idea. But that is usually the least part and the most interesting part of it all. The bigger bulk of the work is setting up the business and ensuring it is up and running as effectively as possible. Businesses usually have a life cycle that they […]

Work Hard, Play Hard

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a saying that we all know too well. We have heard it said many times and might have also said it ourselves to other people. Yet at times we do not really understand the magnitude of that statement. It is upon this commonly used phrase that the concept of […]

Honey Pots Vs. Cyber Crime

In the recent past we have had lots of hacking cases internationally. It seems like there is a hacking trend that is on the rise and more and more computer systems are being easily brought down by hackers who seem to relish in the joy of making organizations, institutions and even government agencies vulnerable to further attacks. Ethical hackers are […]

Business Continuity Plans and Your Organization

Is your organization future-oriented? Does your organization have its future well covered in the event of any disaster? Have you clearly defined the assets that need protection in your organization in the event of a disaster? Will your organization be able to rise up from the ashes? A Business Continuity Plan in simple terms can be referred to as a […]